Stainless Steel Stemmed Wine Glasses - 18 oz Shatter Proof Copper Coated Unbreakable Wine Goblets (Set of 2)

Item No.: 001
Stainless Steel: Made of 304 stainless steel. The stainless steel construction makes it lighter and more durable than glass and crystal, to keep your drinks refreshingly cool.
Shatter Proof: stainless steel is ultra-durable and shatterproof, making these

Why choose us?

Jillmo copper coated wine glasses made from high grade 18/8 stainless steel.

Perfect for outdoor activities, picnic&hiking, day to day meals, or a lavish dinner party.

You need not to worry about your freshly poured wine turning warm before its time either, as the stainless steel glasses will help to keep your drink refreshingly chilled.

Perfect for gift giving as they add a touch of modern to any occasion.

wine glasses


Stainless Steel

Made from high grade 18/8 stainless steel, they feature a beautiful, sleek satin finish while sitting comfortably in your hand.

Big Capacity

These stainless steel stemmed wine glasses are perfect for serving all your beverages holding up to 18 ounces.

Warmly warning

These are gold rose color, better to wash by hand !


Great Additonal


18/8 stainless steel makes these perfect for hiking, picnics, and an outdoor poolside and BBQ.

Pretty Glasses

wine glasses


Copper coated color instead of silver colors, can treat yourself and your guests to this colorful stylish, shows good mood.

This is the perfect addition decor to your home and will beautify any kitchen and any place of your house. Or give it as a gift to friends or anyone you like as a lucky gift for any holiday or special occasion.

wine glass