Brew Bags

Jillmo Brew Bag, Extra Large (31”X22”) Reusable Brew in a Bag, 2 Pack, New Version


  • Extra Large Size: Jillmo’s brew bags with size 31" wide and 22" tall, can easily fit 5 Gallon-10 Gallon Kettle/pot or brew barrel. You can brew even the largest of recipes without spilling any grain
  • High Quality: Jillmo’s home brewing bags are made of fine polyester mesh; the material passed FDA test, with weight 72g/square foot, thick and durable. The bag can easily holds 30lbs grains. The safety temperature is -20℃-180℃. You can safely reuse your mesh bags over and over
  • Perfect Filter: Jillmo’s mesh straining bags weave holes are less than 0.5mm, they do better job of filtering out tiny bits of grain, leaves a nice, clear wort, especially if you like to double crush or fine crush your grains. Fine stitching and detail workmanship ensure the brewing bag will not ripping during the mash
  • Easy to Use and Clean: Designed with strings on each side, you can keep your drawstring bag securely in place while mashing. If you want to try out BIAB, Jilllmo’s large brew bag is your perfect choice
  • Multi-Purpose: Great for beer/ jams/ cold brew/ cider/ fruit wine making, also can meet anything requiring a mesh bag to cook or filter