Fermentation Airlocks

Jillmo Airlocks, Fermentation Airlocks for Fermenting, Brewing, 6 Pack
  • Easy to Use: Jillmo’s airlock designed with 3 parts—valve, valve cap and top cap with pinholes, easy to assemble and use
  • Safe and High Quality: Made from food grade crystal-clear plastic, BPA free, you can use them safely over and over again for long time
  • Perfect Fermentation Airlock: In the process of fermentation, gas can escape from the valve and also keep out of the oxygen from air
  • Multi-purpose Airlock: The airlock can be used for wine making, beer making, fermenting fruit and food
  • Perfect Size: Fits well with Mason jar lid, bucket lid in 13mm/14mm lid hole. Use airlock together with silicon grommet, if you need grommet, shop at Jillmo’s store.